Competition Law: Conservative/Progressive 2016

I am offering this course because I am a bit concerned about the state of the debate in competition law. There seems to be a fixed paradigm within which the debate is conducted, which in my view is unhealthy. It is almost as if there is a ‘superior approach’ to competition law that we all (competition authorities and courts) should converge to. The debate then is only about optimising the superior paradigm.
The idea behind this course is to explore other ways in which the debate on competition law might be conducted. I have devised the course roughly in the following manner: we start with looking at some substantive law issues and different ways of looking at those. Then we move to more theoretical work, which can be applied to the substantive problems that competition law faces.

Seminar 1: Merger Policy (4 October)

Seminar 2: Unilateral Conduct (Thursday 13 October)

Seminar 3: Collaboration (18 October)

Seminar 4: Chicago and Post-Chicago (25 October)

Seminar 5: Behavioural Economics (8 November)

Seminar 6: Revitalising US Antitrust (15 November)

Seminar 7: Historical Approaches to EU Competition Law (Thursday 24 November)

Seminar 8: The Austrian School (29 November)

Seminar 9: Critical Political Economy perspective (13 December)

Seminar 10: Decentralised Enforcement (15 December 5PM)


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